Company History

Fas-Break was established in the state of Arizona in 1988, by Kerry Soat. Fas-Break was formed from the experience gained by Kerry Soat as a NOVUS Windshield Repair distributor beginning in 1974 in the state of Michigan. Over a period of ten years with the previous company, Kerry helped start and develop the windshield repair industry by training and working with hundreds of windshield repair technicians all across the country

Fas-Break has become one of the largest windshield repair companies in the United States today, recognized both for our quality and the performance of its Certified Technicians. We have been tested, being put up against some of the most experienced repair companies in the business, and without question, are the leaders in our business.

We have provided breakthroughs in developing our repair resins and the equipment used in the repair process. The equipment and technology we have developed has given us the ability to do the fastest and cleanest repairs in the industry. Combining this with our resins, we are achieving the highest possible quality repairs available today.

In 1998, we added Auto Glass Replacement to our line of products and have established "Fas-Break Auto Glass Centers" all around the country. We are making new strides in the marketing and operation of an Auto Glass Replacement Center. The success of our leaders is astounding and continues to set new standards in the industry in quality, performance, and profitability.

With our product line, we make a bold statement! "We repair windshields that other operators can only look at."

Kerry Soat